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Bilal and Elif, founders and architect couple, specialize in creating cozy, personalized spaces that echo your unique personality. Their mastery in using state-of-the-art materials and skilled craftsmanship transforms your home into a reflection of you. Dive into a world where architecture intimately connects with personal expression.


What Sets Us Apart in the World of Interiors


Experience Across Horizons

With a combined 35 years of design across New York, Istanbul, and London, our East-to-West journey deeply influences our creative essence. This rich tapestry of cultures becomes our design signature, making every space uniquely resonant and personal.


The Boutique Touch

We prioritize individual stories, ensuring every design is as unique as its owner. Our nimbleness allows adaptability in budget and time, ensuring spaces that aren't just rooms, but reflections of identity. Experience design that's sculpted with care, passion, and an unmistakable personal touch.


Knowledge Meets Nuance

Rooted in rigorous architectural education, complemented by Bilal's strategic acumen from his MBA, our designs are more than just visual masterpieces. They are thoughtfully curated intersections of artistic beauty and economic foresight, ensuring every space is both stunning and sustainably conceived.


All-inclusive Design Journey

We transform ideas into immersive spaces. Our services span from initial planning to the final touches of construction. With expert interior design at its core, we blend creativity with practicality. Our dedicated management ensures each step is streamlined, turning dreams into tangible, beautiful realities.

An Investment in Excellence

Our fees are contingent on the project scope, averaging 7 - 20% of the total cost. While it might sound substantial, our expertise, insights, and supplier discounts ensure your investment reaps rewards.

Our Services

Experience the ease of an all-inclusive design journey with us


We embark on a collaborative journey, beginning with feasibility studies, planning permissions, to building controls. Together, we unlock the finest potential for your space.


Spearheading projects with meticulous time and budget management. We liaise, get quotes, and manage contracts with builders, ensuring a streamlined process.


In the grand tapestry of a renovation, ordering sequence is paramount. We artfully manage the purchase of every item, ensuring your sofa isn't delivered before the paint dries.


Our designs transcend aesthetics. With a holistic perspective, we shape spaces and then dive into the nuances of finishes, fabric, and hues, each reflecting your unique persona.


As your project takes shape, we oversee the quality, ensuring adherence to design. From managing unforeseen site conditions to coordinating building controls and surveys, especially where party walls are concerned, we've got it all covered.


Our seasoned team liaises diligently with councils and relevant authorities, ensuring that your projects not only look impeccable but also align perfectly with regulatory standards.

Core Creatives

Dedicated to excellence, our core team of interior design experts brings together creativity, experience, and passion to transform spaces into timeless expressions of style and functionality.