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A Sustainable Home in Izmir Cesme

The Essence of Elegance and Efficiency

Nestled in the heart of Izmir Cesme, this architectural marvel stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of luxury and sustainability. Designed for the creators themselves, this project unfolds over an expansive 800m2 plot, masterfully making every square meter count. With a deliberate orientation, the residence basks in the splendor of the Aegean Sea and the serene vistas reminiscent of the Toscana plains, inviting nature's tranquility into every room.

Viila Exterior

Pool View

Ground Terrace

Architectural Alchemy

The residence boasts a generous 400m2 of enclosed space, complemented by a vast 250m2 terrace that serves as a stage for the breathtaking landscape and a 350m2 garden that cradles the home in greenery. The design ingeniously incorporates a dual car park, a luxurious 60m2 master bedroom, four ensuite guestrooms, a 30m2 spa with a Roman bath, and an impressive external lap pool stretching 15 meters, promising a private oasis for relaxation and entertainment.

Living Room


A Bastion Against the Elements

Mindfully situated to shield its inhabitants from the prevailing northern winds, the home employs minimal openings on the north side to minimize heat loss, ensuring a cozy haven year-round. The walls are fortified with 200mm EPS insulation, enhancing the dwelling's energy efficiency and comfort. The adoption of air-sourced heat pumps, supported by photovoltaic panels, sets the ambitious goal of achieving zero energy consumption, marking a stride toward environmental stewardship.

A Canvas of Natural Beauty

The interior design philosophy celebrates simplicity and connection to nature, with clay plaster finishes in natural tones and rough textures that not only exude an earthy charm but also contribute to the cooling of the home during the sweltering summer months. The thoughtful inclusion of overhangs exceeding 120cm ensures protection from the midday sun while welcoming the winter sun, maintaining a perfect balance of light and temperature throughout the seasons.

Master Bedroom

A Visionary Venture

With an estimated construction cost of £600,000, this project is slated to commence in September 2024. It stands as a beacon of sustainable living, offering a glimpse into the future of home design where luxury coexists with environmental consciousness.

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