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Our Recent Planning Permission Approvals

Greville Place Camden, London, NW6

Celebrating another triumph! Our recent planning permission approval focuses on enhancing the lower ground floor's front elevation. Building on prior successes like a rear extension, this project maintains a separate identity. Nestled in the St John's Wood Conservation Area and a Grade II-listed property, our commitment to harmonizing modern design with historical significance remains unwavering. Stay tuned as we bring this vision to life!

Camden Council

Initially, we sought permission for a roof extension, but the council rejected it, citing the proximity to a listed building. Undeterred, we submitted a new proposal for a rear extension and lowering the front light well.

Camden Council

Firs Lane Enfield, London N21

Successfully navigating multiple applications for the same address, we secured approval for a front porch and roof extension through permitted development. Additionally, we pursued a planning application for a 5.3m rear extension and garage extension, facing challenges with the Enfield council's process. While we prefer not to boast, considering the complexities involved, we may choose not to submit any further applications to this particular council.

Burstock Road Putney, London SW15

This planning application focuses on transforming the rear conservatory into a functional living space, intended to serve as a new kitchen. Simultaneously, the existing kitchen is set to undergo a conversion, repurposing it into a bedroom.

Wandsworth Council

Delighted with our recent planning approvals, we eagerly anticipate bringing these projects to life. The journey ahead holds exciting transformations as we convert a rear conservatory into a new kitchen and repurpose an existing kitchen into a bedroom. As we embark on these ventures, we remain steadfast in our commitment to innovation. Ready to embrace future challenges, we extend an invitation to new projects, eager to explore and create together in the ever-evolving landscape of design and architecture.


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