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Luxurious Interior Design at Lombard Wharf

In the heart of London, Lombard Wharf stands as a beacon of architectural innovation, and Be-Studio Interiors and Architecture has been entrusted with bringing a new level of sophistication to its living and dining areas. Our mission was to transcend ordinary design boundaries, resulting in four distinct styles that redefine elegance and luxury.
lombard wharf aparment

Classic Elegance: A Timeless Sophistication

The first theme, Classic Elegance, merges the timeless allure of classic design with modern functionality, creating a space that is both sophisticated and welcoming. With a color scheme rooted in the simplicity of grey and black, the living area exudes a serene, refined ambiance. The incorporation of a unique 120-degree corner shelving, a television unit with a white lacquered marble top, and a plush velvety armchair, all under the watchful eye of ornate wall mouldings and brass details, crafts a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and eminently comfortable. A strategically placed rug over the wooden flooring adds a layer of warmth, inviting residents and guests to relax in this modern classic haven.

media wall design

Luxury of Marble: The Epitome of Grandeur

In our second design, Luxury of Marble, we explore the majestic beauty of marble, enhancing the living space with Grande size Marazzi marble ceramic tiles that lend an air of opulence and grandiosity. The design juxtaposes these luxurious elements with dark-colored veneer wooden slats, creating a striking visual contrast. The palette of grey, beige, and off-white complements the grey lacquered marble top of the television unit and the furnishings, creating a cohesive and deluxe atmosphere that is both inviting and sophisticated.

media wall design

Dark Matter: A Bold Statement

With Dark Matter, we dared to delve into the depths of drama and mystery. This design emphasizes the allure of dark wall art, creating a focal point that captivates and intrigues. The use of light-colored wooden slats against the backdrop of dark textures introduces a dynamic contrast, while the overall color scheme of grey, beige, and off-white maintains a balanced aesthetic. The space is designed to evoke a sense of intrigue and sophistication, making a bold statement that challenges conventional decor norms.

media wall design

media unit close look

Hellenic Arch Style: Elegance Reimagined

Finally, the Hellenic Arch Style pays homage to the simplicity and elegance of ancient Greek design. This theme is characterized by its minimalist approach, combining whitewashed walls with dark accents to forge a fresh, modern look. The bespoke furniture, cream-colored armchairs, and white lacquered marble top for the television unit all rest upon natural wooden flooring, accented by a soft rug. This design captures the essence of Mediterranean style, offering a serene and open space that is both functional and aesthetically appealing.

media unit design

dining room

Connect with Be-Studio Interiors and Architecture

Each design theme presents a unique vision, meticulously curated to enhance the living experience at Lombard Wharf Apartment. At Be-Studio Interiors and Architecture, we are dedicated to transforming spaces into personalized havens of luxury and comfort. Whether you are drawn to the timeless elegance of classic designs, the grandeur of marble, the bold statement of dark themes, or the serene simplicity of Hellenic style, our team is ready to bring your vision to life.

If you are inspired by these designs and wish to infuse your space with sophistication, elegance, or a touch of drama, contact Be-Studio Interiors and Architecture now.

Let us collaborate to create a living space that not only meets your aesthetic desires but also surpasses them, making your home a testament to innovative and luxurious design.


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