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Lounge Bar & Restaurant Interior at Norwich

We have designed a Lounge Bar & Restaurant Interior with a capacity of 120 and private dining facilities, which has become popular for its delicious cuisine and drinks, as well as its stunning glass roof offering views of the skyline. The establishment, which is located in an area of 350 square meters, has been divided into four zones that can be easily combined or separated, each with its own unique atmosphere, purpose, and selling points.

3D Axo

The decor is inspired by the Mediterranean, with a hint of Hollywood glam, and features vibrant textiles, floral wallpapers, rustic furniture, stone and wooden materials, and turquoise and cobalt blue shades.

Entrance Hallway

The entry point is a high-energy bar with a banquet seating area that has a retro feel thanks to its ceramic-tiled floor and large ring-shaped LED lighting fixtures, as well as a striped glass ceiling. The restroom hallway has a simplistic design with high-gloss flooring and stretch ceiling, as well as turquoise neon LED lighting for an illusionary effect.

Interior Perspective

Another room has a neutral tone and focuses on bespoke architectural elements, with luxury and decorative drama being the main emphasis, and features smooth, straight lines and modern, shiny accessories.

Arte Wallpaper

The Hollywood glam section of the establishment boasts exquisite furnishings, bold color patterns, and high shine lacquered metallic accents, as well as chain drapery, pendant lights, unique circular lighting fixtures, textured wallpaper, and marble tables.

Private Dining

The bar has a fluted glass front with an onyx marble counter, adding to the elegant and reflective, lacquered, shiny atmosphere.

Entrance Hallway

The entrance tunnel, which is lit by LED lights on the wall and ceiling, serves as a transitional zone between the indoors and out and is an ideal location for taking photographs.

restaurant dining

There is a private, smaller party area that offers equally impressive views and is open to the sky. The space features black and white dominant furniture and floorboards, as well as colorful wallpaper and metal cladding walls, creating a brighter and more playful atmosphere. The fireplace and neon pink LED lighting fixtures on the walls add to the luxurious design of the space.

private dining

If you're envisioning a restaurant or lounge bar that captivates and delights, our team is dedicated to transforming your vision into reality. Specializing in bespoke designs for both settings, we ensure your space reflects your unique style while optimizing the customer experience. Let's collaborate to create an unforgettable venue. Reach out to us to begin crafting your dream space.


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