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Peace and Riot : A Family Restaurant in Dulwich

Innovative Concept: A Sanctuary for Families

In the heart of West Dulwich, London, Peace + Riot emerges as a novel blend of dining, work, and childcare, conceptualized by Caroline Newte Hardie. This unique establishment offers parents the unparalleled opportunity to enjoy tranquility and productivity while their children are cared for on-site.

The Visionary Behind Peace + Riot

Caroline Newte Hardie, the brainchild of Peace + Riot, shares her journey from education and comedy to creating a haven for parents and children alike. Drawing from her personal challenges and aspirations as a mother, Caroline has crafted a space that respects the complexities of parenthood and the desire for personal space and identity.


A Space That Grows With You

At the core of Peace + Riot's design is the integration of functionality and beauty. The establishment's layout, featuring a multifunctional playground wall and distinctively colored bar area, ensures that families can enjoy a seamless experience that balances leisure, work, and play.

Designing Peace + Riot: A Collaborative Effort

The interior of Peace + Riot, envisioned and brought to life by Be-Studio Interiors, stands as a testament to innovative design that caters to both adults and children. With communal seating, a playful color scheme, and thoughtful acoustic planning, the space invites families to enjoy a harmonious and engaging environment.

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The Heartbeat of Dulwich: Building a Community

Peace + Riot has quickly become a cornerstone for families in Dulwich, providing a supportive and enriching atmosphere that fosters community and independence for both parents and children. With ambitions to expand, Caroline's vision promises to redefine family dining across the UK.

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Your Vision, Our Design

Inspired by the success and innovation of Peace + Riot, Be-Studio Interiors invites restaurateurs to envision and create their own unique dining experiences. Specializing in bespoke designs that cater to the specific needs of clientele, Be-Studio Interiors is your partner in bringing visionary restaurant concepts to life.


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