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Our seasoned team liaises diligently with councils and relevant authorities, ensuring that your projects not only look impeccable but also align perfectly with regulatory standards.

Mastered the art of seamless procurement for design projects, ensuring each piece, from parquet flooring to a humble toilet brush, is in the right place at the right time.


Project Planning and Roles Definition

Phases Breakdown: Design, demolition, construction, decoration.

Dependencies: Determine which tasks must precede others.

Duration Estimations: Assign tentative completion dates.

Role Assignments: Clearly define who is responsible for purchasing and installing each item at the project's outset. Responsibilities might be assigned to clients, designers, contractors, or specialized installers.


Prioritizing and Tracking Arrivals 

Categorization and Dependency: Group items by project phase and prioritize based on installation sequence.

Tracking Systems: Keep records of all item arrivals.


Storage and JIT Delivery 

Dedicate and Organize Storage: Set aside areas on-site for temporary storage and group items based on their use.

JIT Strategy: Embrace Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery where items are received only when needed, requiring excellent vendor coordination.


Contingency Planning 

Backup Plans: Identify alternative suppliers or substitute items in case of unforeseen challenges.

Adaptable Sequencing: Adjust tasks based on item arrival to maintain project flow.


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