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Modern Minimalism on Hackney Road

Transforming Spaces into Chic Urban Retreats
In the dynamic heart of London, a two-bedroom flat on Hackney Road offered the perfect canvas for a transformative renovation by Be-Studio Interiors and Architecture. Tasked with converting this property into a lucrative rental investment, our team embarked on a full-scale overhaul, reimagining every inch of the space with modern minimalism at its core.

A Seamless Blend of Kitchen and Living Space

Recognizing the potential to enhance both functionality and aesthetic appeal, we removed the wall separating the kitchen and living room, creating an open, airy environment. This decision not only maximized the flow of natural light but also facilitated a more social and cohesive living space, perfectly suited for the modern renter's lifestyle.

bedroom with a bespoke contemporary furniture and minimalist interior

Bathroom Elegance: A Sanctuary Reborn

The bathroom underwent a complete fit-out, receiving a new lease on life with contemporary tiles and fixtures. The design philosophy here was clear: to craft a space that serves as a personal sanctuary, where simplicity and functionality meet to create a serene retreat from the urban hustle.

new kitchen

Living Room: A Masterclass in Minimalism

In the living room, our choice of a sleek, light-colored sofa with clean lines epitomizes the minimalist ethos, while textured cushions and an area rug inject warmth and personality. The result is a living space that invites relaxation and conversation, embodying the essence of chic contemporary living.

bespoke bed platform

Master Bedroom: Japandi-Inspired Serenity

Our vision for the master bedroom was to forge a serene, Japandi-style oasis that promotes restfulness and rejuvenation. By marrying high-quality natural materials with clean lines, we designed a bedroom that not only encourages better sleep but also offers a tranquil start to each day. The warm-toned wood flooring and soft wall colors create a harmonious, cozy environment that resonates with the minimalist theme.

Bespoke Bed Platform and Study Unit

bespoke wardrobe

Collaboration and Craftsmanship

This project stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit and expertise that define Be-Studio Interiors and Architecture. Special thanks to Modesign Furniture for their bespoke furniture pieces, Boradek Construction for their meticulous builders' work, and Adam Kang Photography for capturing the essence of this transformation.

Connect with Be-Studio Interiors and Architecture

If the allure of modern minimalism speaks to you, whether for your own home or a rental investment, Be-Studio Interiors and Architecture is your partner in bringing those visions to life. Our dedication to creating spaces that blend beauty with functionality ensures that every project we undertake is a step towards redefining contemporary living.

For a design consultation or more information on how we can transform your space into a chic urban retreat, contact Be-Studio Interiors and Architecture today. Let us help you make your interior design dreams a reality.


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