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Top Tips for a Dry and Happy Home

Ah, the basement! It can be a tricky space, especially in many UK homes, where dampness and that musty smell are all too common. But worry not! We're here to guide you through some handy tips and tricks to make your basement dry, fresh, and a joy to be in!

Identifying the Source:

First up, let’s play detective! We need to find out where the dampness is coming from. Look out for signs like water stains, mould, and peeling paint – these can help you figure out what needs fixing first.

Solution 1: Let’s Get Some Air in Here!:

Improving ventilation is key! Getting fresh air moving helps to dry out the place. If opening windows isn’t doing enough, you might want to think about installing a dedicated ventilation system.

A girl opening the window

Solution 2: Bring in the Dehumidifier!:

Meet your new best friend – the Dehumidifier! This handy device helps keep the air moisture levels in check. Choose one that’s the right fit for your basement’s size and needs. Click here to read our post about how to choose the right size dehumidifier.

A woman reading book a kid playing

Solution 3: Time to Waterproof!:

Next, let’s make sure water can’t get in. Seal any cracks in the walls and floors and use waterproof coatings. Getting advice from a pro can help you find the best methods for your basement.

A man waterproofing his basement

Solution 4: Check Your Gutters!:

Don’t forget about the gutters and downspouts! They help guide rainwater away from your home's foundation. Keeping them clear and in good shape is essential to avoid any water troubles.

Solution 5: Smart Landscaping:

Think about the land around your home. Shaping the soil to slope away from the foundation helps keep water from pooling and getting into the basement.

Solution 6: Think About a Sump Pump!:

If your basement keeps getting water, a sump pump might be the answer. It’s placed in the lowest part of the basement and helps to pump out any excess water.

a sump pump


For all the homeowners dealing with mysterious and damp basements, fear no more! With these tips and a bit of effort, you can tackle the dampness and enjoy a dry and happy basement. Here’s to a healthier home and lots of laughs along the way!


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