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Loft Conversion at Northumberland Ave

The aim of the three-storied building project was to create a modern and spacious living space by demolishing the existing rear extension and proposing a new one with a roof conversion. The new rear extension and roof conversion were designed to increase the living area of the building while creating a seamless and cohesive look with the rest of the structure.

The design of the new rear extension was sleek and contemporary, featuring large windows and sliding glass doors to maximize natural light and provide a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. The interior of the extension was open-plan, creating a spacious and comfortable living area. The flooring was a combination of hardwood and tiles, adding warmth and character to the area.

street view

The roof conversion was designed to provide additional living space, including a new bedroom, bathroom, and study area. The new bedroom was spacious and comfortable, complete with a large window that provided a stunning view of the surrounding area. The bathroom was designed with modern fixtures and finishes, creating a spa-like atmosphere, while the study area provided a peaceful and productive space for work or study.

bird eye view

The new rear extension and roof conversion were also designed with sustainability in mind. High-quality insulation, energy-efficient windows, and lighting were incorporated into the design to reduce energy consumption and lower utility costs.

Overall, the three-storied building project was a great success, providing the homeowners with a beautifully designed, modern, and functional living space that met their needs and enhanced their lifestyle. It's an excellent example of how thoughtful and well-designed renovations can transform a building, creating a comfortable and welcoming home for years to come

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Are you dreaming of transforming your loft into a vibrant living space? Our dedicated team is eager to turn your vision into reality.
Specializing in bespoke loft conversions, we ensure your new space is both beautiful and functional. For a personalized consultation and to learn more about how we can enhance your home, please contact us. Together, let's create the loft space you've always wanted!


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