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Summer House at Mediterranean Valley

The 8 detached Summer House project located in Cesme, Izmir, aimed to provide modern, luxurious living spaces that were seamlessly integrated into the stunning Toscana-like valley and beautiful Aegean sea view. The design featured a high-ceilinged ground level with a mezzanine floor bedroom, and each villa had its own private pool for the ultimate in relaxation and comfort.

The exterior of the villas featured a combination of concrete and glass, creating a modern and sleek look that blended beautifully with the surrounding natural environment. Large windows and sliding glass doors provided stunning views of the valley and sea and allowed natural light to flood the interior.


Inside, the villas were designed with a blank canvas aesthetic, using epoxy white flooring to create a bright, clean, and modern interior. The high ceilings and mezzanine bedroom added to the spaciousness of the interior, creating a feeling of lightness and openness.

The private pool and outdoor living areas were designed to provide the ultimate in relaxation and luxury. Each villa's pool was strategically placed to take advantage of the views and provide a stunning focal point for the outdoor living areas. The outdoor living areas themselves were designed to be comfortable and inviting, with plenty of seating and lounging areas for relaxation and socializing.

Interior View

The villas were also designed with sustainability in mind, using energy-efficient materials and features such as solar panels to reduce energy consumption and lower utility costs.

Overall, the 8 detached villas project was a stunning example of modern and luxurious living spaces that were seamlessly integrated into their natural surroundings. The use of concrete and glass, combined with the blank canvas aesthetic and private pools, created a modern and luxurious living experience that was sure to delight and impress residents and guests alike.

Below is the walkthrough for the earlier design of the project. You will notice how much the design is evolved through the process..

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